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G3CNC is changing the game in the training space for CNC machining. Incorporating advanced learning technologies including artificial intelligence, we specializes in "capturing" employees into the CNC machining industry, boosting employee retention rates, morale, knowledge & productivity.

  • Turbocharged CNC Operators

  • Role & Responsibilities

  • Professionalism & Tips for success

  • When & Why Sizing Adjustments are Required

  • Performing Mistake Free Calculations

  • Career Possibilities & Guidance

  • Maximizing Productivity

  • Maintaining a Clean, Organized Work Area

  • In Process Inspection

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Instructor Bio:

Brett Clutter is a the lead training instructor for G3CNC, having helped hundreds of individuals excel in the CNC machining over the years. Over his 30 year career, which started as an Apprentice, Brett has led manufacturing teams with success consistently and is excited to be helping individuals excel and build successful careers in CNC manufacturing.

Brett Clutter

Senior Instructor

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Course Intro

    3. Outline & Objectives

    1. Intro to Chapter 2

    2. Defining the CNC Operator

    3. QUIZ: What is a CNC Machine Operator

    4. The Responsibilities of a CNC Operator

    1. Intro to Chapter 3

    2. What is Your Why?

    3. SURVEY The Forest

    4. Goals

    5. SURVEY on Goals

    6. TurboCharge Your Career

    7. Turbocharge Your Career Recap

    8. The Secret to Creativity & Productivity

    9. SURVEY Creativity

    10. Transformation

    1. Intro to Chapter 4

    2. The Blueprint

    3. Maintain & Operate

    4. QUIZ Maintain & Operate

    5. Maintaining a Clean Workstation

    6. QUIZ Clean Workstation

    7. Performing Accurate Calculations

    8. Making Accurate Measurments

    9. QUIZ Calculations & Measurements

    10. Sizing Adjustments

    11. QUIZ Sizing Adjustments

    12. Supervising the Equipment

    13. Validating the Production Rate

    14. Completing Paperwork

    15. Addressing Malfunctions & Stoppages

    16. Identifying Waste

    1. Pro Tips

    2. Softs Skills (EI)

    3. Wrap Up

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 36 lessons

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“I like that I could do it online. The training provided was a life saver for me and helped me to go from basically nothing to navigating, setting up and running our CNC lathe within the course of a week. I wish my college education had been so effective. ~Hunter ”

“I don't want to put my picture on there, I hope that's ok. I've never really had any specific skill, so learning how to run CNC machines has been nice because I feel some stability for the first time, and kind of a career to work towards. I want to take the higher level CNC courses next. I already asked my boss. Thank you soo much!”

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