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G3CNC specializes in "capturing" employees into the CNC machining industry, boosting employee retention rates, morale, knowledge & productivity. Investing in training the low skill level employees early and often is the best way to create long-term value, avoid costly mistakes, increase profit margin, and elevate the overall effectiveness of your entire pool of employees. G3CNCs CNC Blueprint Course is an introductory course that provides your employees with a basic understanding of blueprints, how to navigate a blueprint, where to find critical information, and how to interpret dimensions, symbols, views & shading. Your employees will leave this course with a solid grasp of reading blueprints for parts, a must for all manufacturing personnel.

  • Basics of Blueprint Reading

  • Proper Print Navigation

  • Interpreting Dimensions

  • Lines & Symbols

  • Finding Critical Information

  • Views & Shading

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